United Playaz (UP) is hosting the San Francisco concert. That means UP staff and volunteers are working tirelessly behind the scenes, juggling their regular work, with concert logistics to make it happen.


United Playaz and its founder Rudy Corpuz Jr. received the 50th Super Bowl 50 Fund Playmaker. The award was in recognition of the San Francisco-based youth violence prevention and youth development organization.
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The UP motto

United Playaz is a violence prevention and youth development organization that has worked in San Francisco for 20 years. The UP Clubhouse is located in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa district. Their dedicated team share similar backgrounds with the youth that they serve, and they work with the key insight that communities prosper from within.

UP provides SoMa kids with a safe and positive environment in which they can grow. Their goal is to maintain a consistent “home” that most of SoMa kids lack in other facets of their daily lives. These kids feel liberated when given a personal sense of security from those they can trust. Youth have the opportunity to grow from UP’s foundation of love and support. The youth that gather at UP are very diverse; Samoan, African-American, Latino, Asian, White, and multiracial youth are encouraged to break barriers, recognize their similarities, and form friendships.
United Playaz Programs
UP’s programs provide youth with adult support, academic enrichment, and leadership skills to prevent them from entering and re-entering the justice system. Their programs reframe kids’ perceptions, attitudes and beliefs about their future and the positive effect they can have upon their community. Youth gain the knowledge and empowerment needed to tackle daily exposure to social and cultural pressures.

In-School Violence Prevention
UP has a presence at 7 high schools in San Francisco in order to provide in-school violence prevention and support. This program provides youth with a way to get to know our organization while developing leadership skills and participating in violence prevention events.

After-School Programs
UP’s after-school programs provide a safe haven for elementary and middle school youth. Our kids have access to homework help, life skills workshops, and other recreational activities. There are also field trips throughout the school year and summer.

Community and Crisis Response Services
UP provides support to citywide crisis response teams, as well as street level outreach to prevent and reduce violent activities. UP staff members are on call 24 hours a day. No matter what, there is always an adult available to help our kids.

Case Management
UP provides year round individual case management services to youth geared towards reducing cycles of destructive behavior. UP improves kids overall health by increasing their knowledge and access to ancillary services through a well-established network of partners and referral services. UP has taken on 375 case-management clients thus far.

Workforce Development
UP provides skill development and workforce training, academic assistance with the GED and HSE, as well as college enrollment services and referrals to vocational training and other employment programs. UP ensures that our kids that they will become self-sufficient adults. Currently, UP has assisted more than 100 kids who have completed their GED, enrolled in college, or completed vocational training.
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