All proceeds raised will benefit
gun-violence prevention projects in Bay Area organizations. SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS.

Contributions are tax deductible. Donations will be sent to United Playaz, which is a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization. Our federal tax exemption number is 20-5005815. United Playaz will distribute funds over $50,000 to the nonprofits below.

Please download our letter and list of sponsorship packages to learn what’s available.
Tell us more about yourself, so we can set up your sponsorship.
United Playaz receives the first $50,000 for:
    • December 2016 gun buyback
    • Gun-violence victim assistance and funeral costs
    • College fund for community
    • Community engagement with former prison inmates upon re-entry
Funds over $50,000 will be equally distributed to specific gun violence prevention efforts, which are:
    • United Playaz – Spring 2017 gun buyback
    • 1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence – 1000 Mothers Mission House distributes goods to families impacted by violence.
    • Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence – Ensure our unmatched team of legal experts can continue and expand our work drafting and advocating for smart gun laws that save lives nationwide.
    • Healing 4 Our Families & Our Nation – Supporting Mothers, Fathers, Youth and Families who are daily impacted by violence. Funeral arrangements, aftercare and relocation services, court/trial support services and financial support to help survival following trauma, homicide and violence. Counseling, health, healing and restoration for our clients and their families.
    • Mothers in Charge San Francisco Chapter – Advocacy, grief-and-loss support and aftercare following homicide and violence for Bay Area families.
    • Rabbis Against Gun Violence – Bringing Faith Leaders together for training and lobbying in DC
    • Resilient Wellness – A media campaign and rites-of-passage program series for youth that reside in communities with high levels of gun violence.
    • San Francisco Suicide Prevention – More staff for suicide prevention community activities, including our hotline.

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