Why September 23?

In 2007, Congress designated September 25 as the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. Two out of every three victims are killed with a firearm, but the day of “remembrance” is the only thing Congress has done to acknowledge this loss.

The first annual Concert Across America to End Gun Violence took place on this day, but this year we will have musical events on Sunday, September 23. We must be respectful of what this day stands for, while demanding that Congress mandates a background check for every gun sale.

What are the goals of the concerts?

The mission of the “Concert Across America” is to remember the tremendous loss of life that gun violence has cost our communities. And while it’s primarily a day of awareness, local organizers can choose to fundraise for a designated local gun violence prevention (GVP) partner or for a local domestic violence shelter as one of its goals.

Is this a political event?

No. However, we encourage everyone, as good citizens, to invite their elected officials to local events, record video messages to them, and visit them, call them, or write to them on the Day of Action on Monday, September 25. And most importantly, remember to vote—even in local elections.

How do I get involved?
I'm a musician. Can I perform?

Most likely, yes! Tell us more about yourself and what you would like to do. Sign up here.

What if I don't see a concert near me?

Can you start a concert near you? We would love to expand to your area! Sign up here before September 9th.

How do I get information about the cities that are listed on the webpage but have no links?

Some details are still being confirmed for 2017 events, so be sure to check back soon! If they are not linked from the city list on the site, more information may be available on the map. You can search the map a bit more easily if you go straight to it. http://concertacrossamerica.org/fullmap

Alternatively, cities without links could be concerts and events that are in private places or places of worship, which are not completely open to the public. Some concerts and events did not want any promotion.

Are all events listed actually concerts?

As part of their regularly scheduled services, many of the faith-based events will include a musical remembrance of victims of gun violence. Others are hosting community concerts open to the public. And several gun violence prevention organizations are hosting ticketed concerts.

More information will be available soon, as details are still being confirmed for some events. Please check directly with the venue listed on the map if you need more information. http://concertacrossamerica.org/fullmap

Why was “Nothing More” the chosen song for Concert Across America 2017?

Last year many of our participants suggested that each event sing the same song as a show of unity. The band “The Alternate Routes” has given us permission to use their song “Nothing More” as part of the Concert Across America 2017, as long as it is not politicized.

Lyrics and sheet music to the song are available on the Alternate Routes site.

Can I organize a concert near me even though one is on the map?

If it is a faith-based event or you’re a college student organizer, THEN YES. Please register here to be added to the map! We need you! To guarantee a place on the map, your event should be registered no later than September 15.

If not faith- or university-based, then MAYBE! Please check with us first to make sure your event does not conflict or detract from what is already being planned. Click volunteer at the bottom of this page, or send us an email at the address at the bottom of this page.

How do I get tickets in advance?

Many concerts are free. Each concert has its own up-to-date page with info like how to RSVP or get tickets, the venue, musicians and which nonprofits will be there. The best way to find the most up-to-date page is through our map. Search for local concerts and relevant links here. http://concertacrossamerica.org/fullmap

Facebook calendar events, which are linked from the map, will generally have everything you need to know.